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This page gives information about various activities of RHRDF team for establishment of AKRUTI centres at various villages around and also gives information carried out under each of the AKRUTI.centre

MoU Between BARC, Mumbai And SVERI, Pandharpur for setting up Rural Human & Resource Development Facility (RHRDF) with the Technical Guidance and Consultancy from BARC-DAE. 

For production of high quality methane gas by biological breakdown of organic matter and can be used for mechanical or electrical power generation

To make available pure and improved seed varieties to farmers by applying different processing methods like pre-cleaning, cleaning and upgrading etc

For proper application of fertilizers as per the nutrient requirement of crop and soil characteristics to get higher yields.

To avoid insect damage of cereals and pulses by applying heat at 60 -700C for specific time instead of applying fumigants and value addition of fruit or vegetable by drying process such as raisins from grapes.

To make available or provide safe and pure drinking water, free from contaminants to users

The activities of various interactions with BAIF will be included in this section

Objectives of the Project:

  1. To install the connectivity between the NKN centre and Rural Schools.
  2. To provide the operational training to end users.
  3. To ensure the quality of the network and 24x7 working maintenance.
  4. To provide Audio-Visual Facility and its training.
  5. To develop training module & courses in OER form for ICT related facility training.
  6. To make available the learning resources at NKN centre and to conduct the programs for schools through this connectivity.
  7. To strengthen and empower the village institution through education & ICT by linking it with RHRDF at SVERI campus.
  8. To participate in school content development program and provide feedback of users to content development agency/organization.    
  9. To develop a methodology for effective usage of this facility for knowledge enhancement of rural students.